Play>Skip: Julian Lennon’s comeback single ‘Lucy’ builds excitement for new album

Posted on Dec 16 2009 - 6:55pm by Mellisa Jordon

Play Skip  Julian Lennon s comeback single Lucy builds excitement for new album

It’s one of the most famous chapters in Beatles lore: A three-year-old Julian Lennon shows his daddy a drawing of his classmate, Lucy Vodden. Julian describes his preschool masterpiece as “Lucy in the sky with diamonds.”

The rest is rock history.

The Beatles had a psychedelic hit, Julian got dumped by John, and Lucy died earlier this year from lupus.

Julian Lennon’s single — his first new music in more than ten years — brings the story full circle.

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He says that his recent writing and recording have helped him forgive his absentee dad while he’s been able to publicly pay his respects to his old childhood friend.

And the single’s damn good to boot.

Proceeds benefit lupus research. A full album from Lennon arrives next year.

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