Chris Brown Community Service Log: How The Star Spent His Time

Posted on Sep 26 2015 - 11:17pm by Adam Wordsworth

After Chris Brown pleaded guilty to beating then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, a judge ordered the R&B singer to do six-months’ worth of what was described as “community labor.” The singer was allowed to perform the service in his home state of Virginia under the supervision of Richmond’s police chief, who this week submitted documents to a Los Angeles judge indicating that Brown had finished his service.

Not so fast, say a judge and prosecutor, who have ordered more documentation be produced to prove that Brown worked the more than 1,400 hours he claims to have performed. A third of the hours were recorded at the Tappahannock daycare center, where Brown spent time as a child and where his mother once served as director.

The Associated Press analyzed records filed on Brown’s community service, showing how he and Richmond officials say he cleaned up. The following are some of the tasks documented in Brown’s service log:

_ 371 hours logged picking up trash in various locations around Richmond.

_ 346 hours of “general cleaning,” all logged at Tappahannock Children’s Center.

_ 82 hours painting.

_ 79 hours spent washing police cars and fire trucks.

_ 77 1/2 hours spent stripping and waxing floors, all but 4.5 of which were done at Tappahannock Children’s Center.

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