Michelle Rodriguez returns for Resident Evil: Retribution

Posted on Sep 26 2015 - 11:14pm by Bailey Blandon

With the excitement of Resident Evil: Retribution released in the UK today there is no doubt super-heroine Alice – Mila Jovovich – will be demolishing lots more flesh-eating zombie butt.

What is tickling our fancy is, Michelle Rodriguez will be returning as her former character Rain Ocampo.

Yes…we hear you exclaim, but didn’t she become a zombie and die in the first Resident Evil (2002)?

The bad-girl, Fast and Furious, actress is coming back as a resurrected angel of death. We have no idea what that means but, only a zombie movie with the success of a 10-year-franchise could create a plot which brings someone back after they were shot in the head!

As a fan of the Resident Evil video-games Michelle Rodriguez has mentioned the key to the films success stems from the authenticity of the video-game franchise and admits to playing it when she was younger, “I remember when I used to play, I used to scream in the house and my mum would come in and ask what’s wrong?”

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