Katy Perry Has Birthday Lunch With Michelle Obama

Posted on Oct 26 2015 - 10:57am by Jessica Shane

Katy Perry turned 28 on Thursday, and when your her level of famous, you tend to have friends in high places. But it wasn’t another singer or big name boyfriend John Mayer Perry chose to spend her birthday lunch with — it was First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama.

Wednesday Perry squeezed in to a very attractive “ballot dress” with the box for President Barack Obama filled in. She performed at a campaign rally for the president on Wednesday as well. E! reports that Perry took to Twitter to share news of her lunch, and the photo above that shows a smiling FLOTUS with Perry.

Yahoo Entertainment reports that Perry claimed that she and her grandmother received an unspecified “shout out” from the president, making for a pretty memorable 28th birthday. The photo of Perry and Michelle Obama was accompanied by the tweet, “NOW my bday is complete!”

Perry may be doing her part to support her preferred candidate in the presidential race between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, but she’s using her time in the political/birthday spotlight to promote another cause — Transcendental Mediation. Director David Lynch has a foundation dedicated to Transcendental Meditation and in lieu of gifts for her 28th birthday, Perry would like her friends to donate to that cause.

And just in case you are one of the many people who sent Katy Perry a happy birthday message on Twitter, she tweeted her gratitude.

”Thank you all for making me feel so special today. I’m overwhelmed with all the love that I might have a small happy cry now. So blessed,” Perry wrote.


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