Sarah Jessica Parker Says Surgery Led to ‘Molegate’

Posted on Dec 16 2009 - 2:35pm by Mellisa Jordon

Sarah Jessica Parker Says Surgery Led to 'Molegate'

Sarah Jessica Parker appeared on ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’ and the topic got around to her trademark mole, which she had removed.

“I had a mole removed, which is far more invasive than hip replacement surgery, I assure you … and far more disruptive to your life,” she began.

“I just didn’t care for it,” she said of her decision. “I thought, you know I have about six free days where I can be bloody and stabbed and no one would care and honestly I didn’t think a thing about it and then apparently it turned into molegate,” she continued. Watch

“A woman came up to me on the beach, really upset, and she said, ‘I’m so sorry, I don’t know why you did that, that was your signature.’ And I said … well in my head I was like, ‘My mole was my signature? Isn’t my brain my signature?” Parker explained.

“Exactly, aren’t you your signature?” Dave responded.

“Then for about the next 15 minutes I couldn’t even hear anything anyone was saying to me because all I think, ‘well, I made a terrible mistake … can you put it back on?'” she added.

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