Posted on Jun 21 2015 - 6:49pm by Misha Bennigton


This is Brad and Christina Pistotnik. Brad is a personal injury lawyer who everyone in Wichita hates because of his constant tv commercials and Christina is his plan-folk rags-to-riches wife. They bought that email and text message bomb program u know about from those people who are from here. They buy hella HGH from my homie down the street and went on a bender and used it to message bomb their 13 year old daughter’s boyfriend when he dumped her. The guy who made the original program told me that he had to take it away from Brad and Christina after they sent this 13 year old boy twenty thousand texts saying “he dumped the wrong girl”. That boy is my friends son and I heard he is still terrified that Brad is in the mafia or something. Brad is old as hell now but he still goes by the Bull. The Bull who picks on kids!

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