Tree Doctors an Unpleasant Experience

Posted on May 22 2013 - 1:55pm by Misha Bennigton


Inside Story : We found the Tree Doctors office staff to be very unprofessional, though the arborists were pleasant. I cannot comment in the quality of their work with trees as work on our tree was never completed (or started).

Tree Doctors did send an arborist to our home for an estimate very quickly after our first call. We accepted the estimate and booked an appointment over a month in advance (which was fine. I know that tree trimming companies are busy in the summer).

My partner took the day off work, and waited. Late in the afternoon, the time window we were given having passed with no call from Tree Doctors, she called the office who told her that the team was on it’s way but that the company was unable to give us an estimated arrival time. Around 6:30, the arborist arrived, informed us that they had no time to do the job because the office had sent them on another job instead that day, and asked us not to cancel. We were offered no compensation or apology for the missed appointment.

A few weeks later, not having heard back from the office, we emailed them asking to reschedule. A few days after that they left us a voicemail scheduling us for Saturday of the long weekend. We called the number we had been instructed to call in the voicemail to reschedule as we were going away for the long weekend, and a very rude employee told us we shouldn’t have called because this was an emergency number. We apologized and asked for a different number or email to use to reschedule the appointment. She took down our information and said someone would call us to reschedule.

Two arborists rang our doorbell on the Saturday of the long-weekend as we were leaving town. We asked if we could reschedule, as we’d already requested to, and we were told that the office would call us back. I hope those guys got paid.

We decided to ask for our $150 deposit back after receiving no word from the office about the mix-up (again). Over the phone, the office manager told me that, as we have signed a contract with them, our deposit is non-refundable. When I said that I understood that but that we had waited a month and missed a day of work for our initial appointment, called to reschedule and then twice received no word about a rescheduling that didn’t work for us, I would like them to make an exception. He told me that we were the ones cancelling on them and that he never asked me to take a day off work.

All in all, Tree Doctors was not dependable and offered terrible customer service, especially considering that we were willing to pay them over a thousand dollars for their expertise.

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  1. lisa davis December 3, 2015 at 2:12 pm - Reply

    they are bloody cheaters

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