Vincent Globaleye Scam Artist

Posted on Sep 22 2013 - 2:20pm by Mellisa Jordon


Vincent Wilson Vice President of Globaleye Dubai is a scam artist of epic proportions and cannot be trusted.He and his cronies lied to me constantly about the performance of my investment.

Vincent Wilson scam artist extrordinaire told me I could access my investment anytime but when I started asking questions several months later I started to smell a rat. I got another company to look at it for me and we found it had high fees attached and was a high risk investment. He never told me about these high fees and high risk and I will have now lost tens of thousands of my money. Globaleye scammers have nice offices but I got duped and taken in by his sales pitch.

How *** can I be?Vincent Wilson Vice President Globaleye scam artist is an outright cheat, so if you get a call from him he is not a board member of Globaleye but just a two faced employee to be avoided at all costs.

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